Sandusky, OH

Situated on the Lake Erie shoreline, the first-time Festival site of Sandusky welcomes Feast-goers to the Great Lakes region in 2021. This area of Ohio is known as “vacationland” because it features Cedar Point, a world-class amusement park, along with beaches and outdoor water activities such as boating and fishing. Sandusky offers a variety of shopping and restaurants in easy-to-get-around mid-size town. The very comfortable September average daily high temperature is 73 degrees while the average low is 56 degrees.  

The host property for services is Kalahari Resort, an African-themed, family-friendly complex featuring a massive indoor water park and other on-site attractions. The resort is offering the following for this year’s Feast:  

  • Daily services held in a ballroom large enough to accommodate social-distancing requirements for all attendees, if necessary.  
  • Ergonomic chairs with lumbar support in meeting hall  
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the property  
  • 20% off in Kalahari Spa 


Sandusky promises to be an excellent Feast site. For information regarding scheduled site activities, please see the calendar on this microsite. 

Festival Coordinator
Mr. Phil Sena
Phone: (512) 535-6771 
Email: [email protected]


And He said to them,

"Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

- Mark 16:15

Time Till The Feast!

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